In the era of cloud computing, where organizations rely on a myriad of cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes to host their applications and data, ensuring the security and compliance of these environments is paramount. 

Last November 15, 2022, iOne and Radius inked a marketing partnership to bring cloud security to a wide array of customers in their segment.

With iOne’s CyberPro+ solutions, will provide them a robust and versatile solution that has been designed to address these cybersecurity challenges effectively.

Bringing in Together Core Cloud Security Capabilities with partners

With iOne’s partnership with Orca Security, it will provide Radius Telecoms an edge when its comes to automating cloud security for their customers.

iOne distinguishes itself by consolidating a wide array of core cloud security capabilities into a single, purpose-built solution to provide wide-array of customer who are looking for this solution.

With market partnership with Radius Telecoms, it will enable their customers with the following capabilities:

  1. Vulnerability Management: Identifying and managing vulnerabilities within cloud infrastructure that is crucial to preempt potential threats. iOne CyberPro+ simplifies this process by providing tools and insights to effectively address vulnerabilities.
  2. Multi-Cloud Compliance and Posture Management: Achieving and maintaining compliance across multiple cloud environments can be a daunting task. iOne CyberPro security offers solutions to ensure that the cloud infrastructure adheres to regulatory requirements and best practices.
  3. Cloud Workload Protection: Protecting your cloud workloads is essential for safeguarding sensitive data and applications. iOne CyberPro+ offers robust cloud workload protection features to defend against various threats.
  4. Container Security: With the increasing use of containers in cloud environments, securing them becomes vital. iOne CyberPro includes container security capabilities to help mitigate container-related risks.

“The market segment for cloud security and compliance solutions in the Philippines is dynamic and rapidly growing sector within the broader field of cybersecurity. This is a good timing to expand our services by adding cybersecurity in our product offering” said Alfredo B. Solis Jr. VP&OIC, Chief Operating Officer of Radius Telecoms. 

We are on this segment where we characterized organizations’ increasing reliance on cloud computing and we are here to protect their data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud.” commenced Ley Salcedo, Sales Director of iOne Resources, Inc.

Simplify and Accelerate Security

iOne’s security value proposition goes beyond just bundling these capabilities. It also enables organizations to accelerate their security efforts by eliminating the need to onboard and implement multiple, siloed security tools. This streamlined approach not only reduces complexity but also leads to more efficient security outcomes.